Day 299   My Struggle…….

I had a productive day today. I got up started laundry and cleaned house. Went outside and my youngest and I started water proofing the deck. We ran out of stuff. So, tomorrow to town we go to get another gallon.

I had Zumba class this evening. I’m happy that I have over 16,000 steps with 94 active minutes. I put all my food in for the day and my sodium is a little over but everything else looks good. 

My sodium is over because we had corn dogs and crispy crowns for dinner. Didn’t feel like cooking a big meal today so I took the easy way out. We did have a salad for lunch. That is what probably saved my fat and sugar goals.

That’s all for today!

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

Day 298   My Struggle…….

Happy Sunday!

Had a nice church service today. Then I came home and had a lazy day. The hardest thing I did was go pick zucchini and green tomatoes from the garden. 

I’m planning on waterproofing the deck tomorrow. I have a few things I’d like to get done before the fourth and that’s just one of them.

It seems like summer just arrived but it will be over quicker than I like. I am worried that I’m not going to reach my goal by September 1st. I’m still going to try though. There has been so much temptation for me lately. I love food but it sure doesn’t love me back. 

I was doing good when I was in this dieters group and everyone was posting and encouraging each other. Then one day it seemed I was the only one left posting. I’m not quitting just whining lol.

I haven’t got my steps in yet but I’m going to try to have them in before bedtime. I do have 30 active minutes from practicing a Zumba routine.

I better go get walking!

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

Day 297    My Struggle………..

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far!

I’ve had a pretty good day! My oldest got to come home for the night. She left three weeks ago and I’ve only seen her three times. She’s been working hard, and traveling, all for her VBS job. I’m one proud momma.

I played outside with my youngest two playing bocce ball and lawn darts. We figured out lawn darts are hard. Nobody, got past one point. It’s still fun to try!

I even did some Zumba today! Which helped me get 70 active minutes for the day. I also got over 14,000 steps.

Eating was pretty good. I did make pasta for dinner because it’s one of my daughters favorite. I like to treat her when she’s home. I only had a serving.

Going back to spending time with my family now!

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

Day 296   My Struggle…….

I did good on Monday and I did good today!

So, I made a list of what they had in common.

1. Zumba.

2. Didn’t have to go town.

3. Didn’t have to cook because the family had leftovers.

There are the things I need to do to guarantee a good diet/exercise day. Stay home other than going Zumba class and not cooking lol. 

I made a grape salad today. I made a few changes to make it a little healthier than the recipe I seen.

I used 10 cups of red/green seedless grapes.

1 fat free cream cheese block

1 4 serving low fat vanilla yogurt ( I used greek but you can use regular)

2 cups walnuts 

1/2 cup brown sugar

Mix the cheese, yogurt, and sugar. Then add grapes and walnuts. 367 calories a cup if you leave out the nuts it would lower the calories a lot. They help keep you full longer  so I added them.

I have 18,000 steps in with 101 active minutes!

Hope you had a great day!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

Day 295   My Struggle……….

We had a rainy day here today.

I went to town again this morning and got back early this afternoon. My youngest and I went down to the nursing home where I used to work and visited the residents and some friends. 

I straightened up the house some, did a load of laundry and spent almost two hours getting dinner ready. I made goulash for dinner. I only had a 1/2 a serving. I did eat plenty of fake fried zucchini. I was eating them as soon as they started cooling down. The little bit of flour I used was the only bad thing about them. I just used nonstick spray and my copper skillet. I did have to fry my husbands in oil because he likes them better that way. I can’t tell a difference myself.

Still ,struggling to get back on track. For every good day ,I have two bad. Just gotta keep trying!

Hope you have a great evening!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

Day 294    My Struggle……….

Went to town today, then church this evening. I’m feeling pretty tired. Town was exhausting. It was fun spending the day with my youngest though.

We had Chinese food for lunch. I didn’t eat too much so I’m happy about that. We did stop on the way home and got a small ice cream cone for dessert.

I figured out if I don’t take kids to town or cook , I could lose weight so much easier and faster. I guess I’ll just keep trying till I eventually reach my goal. I lost 21 pounds and it took me 8 months. so, I guess it will take 4 months to lose 11 more pounds. If I want to reach my goal though,  I only have 2 months.  I think after the 4th of July I’ll be able to buckle down more.

Hope everyone has a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

Day 293   My Struggle…….

Today was a little more of a struggle with eating. I made homemade Texas Tenderloins for dinner. I only ate half of one though. If I go over it’s going to be in fat because I don’t have many fat grams left. If I didn’t eat anything else I’d be okay but I know I’m going to have a snack before bed.

I did make some homemade popsicles with my V8 energy juice. One can made 4 mini popsicles. That makes them 12 calories a piece with 2 grams of sugar. Much better than the popsicles you buy.

I practiced a new Zumba routine today. That gave me 56 active minutes for the day so far. I still have steps to get in. So, I better get to it!

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!