Good Morning Day 2 of My Struggle

Good Morning,

One thing you will learn quickly is I am so not a morning person. Most of my blogging will be at night or midafternoon depending on if I work that day or not. SO why am I blogging this morning, because I had to take my kids to school. Or I would still be in bed lol Today I thought I would share of few things about me. I am a mom of three, they are 10,12, and 18. My son is the middle child and then two daughters. My oldest has just went to college. I am so happy for her yet there is a part of me that is still in shock she is not here as much as she was. Thankfully I go see her once in awhile and she comes home on weekends. I am a Christian and I believe in the power of prayer. (I prayed this morning about this blog) I am not doing this blogging to hurt anyone or offend anyone, it is my personal journey and my outlook at life. I mean if you are reading this and are offended by what is said then just stop reading because you are offending yourself. I am not responsible for your actions. I don’t know why but I use a lot of sarcasm. So if you have any questions about what I write feel free to ask.

Now lets talk about how my first day of my struggle went yesterday. I started off with Shakeology. I tried the Strawberry first. No it does not taste like a Strawberry shake but it wasn’t horrible either. I am going to try chocolate today. I  also joined to be a beach body coach. It was quite a day to become a coach and a blogger in one day lol  Site URL - (yep that’s me) I had to go to town and take my kids to the dentist. Where I live going to town is a chore not a five minute drive. I had a kind bar and went and did the 5k app on my phone with my youngest. With her I went back and did week two because where I am on the app is too hard for her. I came home and did where I left off at week five with my husband.  It was hard but I did it and felt great afterwards. However today I am so sore lol. I had to jog five mins, walk, jog 8 mins, walk, jog 5mins and then a cool down walk. Sunday it goes 8,5,8. I hope I can do it if not then I will repeat yesterdays until I can do it. I am going to try and that’s all that matters. I think yesterday the only veggie I had was the sauce on my spaghetti o’s. I told you that this would not be a normal journey lol I did only eat around 1250 cals and that is in my calorie range. I am a calorie counter more than anything. I need to work on what I eat but hey, one day at a time here. That is why I am drinking Shakeology because it has nutrients I need and it curbs my appetite (so far) for really bad food. I mean think about it I left town yesterday without going through a drive thru. Not that I didn’t ask my kids if they wanted something but hey normally I would have stopped regardless lol.

That is all for now, God Bless each of you that read this!


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