Still on Day Two….

So I am now trying the chocolate Shakeology. No it does not taste like a milkshake but I did use my dark chocolate almond milk with it and it tastes like brownie batter. Don’t tell me you have never scraped the bowl and licked the spoon from batter. If you haven’t I would go do that, not eat the whole thing just what doesn’t make it in the pan.

I bet you’re all wondering how overweight I am huh.I guess I can tell you. My BMI which stands for Body Mass Index says I need to lose 40 pounds. Now my BMI which stands for Be Me Instead, says I need to lose 30 pounds. BMI does not take in anything other than your a women or man and height and age. That’s it! It doesn’t count for if you have broad shoulders, which I do, or if you are big boned or an athlete. Okay I am not an athlete but I feel I am big boned. So my goal is to lose 30 pounds and be healthy for me not anyone else. I weighed in yesterday at 177.5 today it is 176.8. I will tell you the scale is not your friend. It will fluctuate up and down constantly. So if you want to weigh stick to once a week. I like punishment sometimes so I weigh more than once a week. Oh and I am only 5’2 so most of my weight hits my belly. from the front not too bad, hit a side angle and its like who is that. Especially when sitting down. Yes I did take before pics, no I am not ready to show you lol.

It is beautiful here today not to0 hot so I think later I will go for a nice walk! I also need to do crunches because I entered a 30 day Ab challenge. Yesterday I did 30 today it jumps to 75. So that is my plans for exercise, and I will do better on veggies today because I am fixing a roast with potatoes,carrots, and onions. My challenge will be to only eat one roll.

So until next time God Bless each of you that has took the time out to read this!

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