So my day started out by reading a quote.  It talked about how this day is a gift and you have the choice to enjoy it or waste it. I wasn’t planning on wasting the day but start it as most and start cleaning house. If I am not working my days are spent doing laundry and cleaning. I feel unless these things are done then I can’t do anything fun or for  myself. 

Example, yesterday I cleaned and cooked all day. Then evening came, I was planning on going for a walk. I didn’t have anyone to go with and I really did not feel like walking around and around in a parking lot like usual. Then my kitten went missing and my life for the day ended. I spent the eve searching for my cat who has yet to appear.  Then I talked to my oldest and had a not so great conversation. Nothing bad just not a productive chat. Then after everyone went to bed IT HAPPENED I ate two handfuls of candy corn. Not one but two which is about 300 cals , cals I did not have left. This is the stress eating problem I have. I did do my 75 crunches and got in 30 mins of cardio from walking but I want over in cals and I didn’t even reach my 10,000 steps only 7,000. So I was just mad,sad,depressed, everything but happy. 

So now we are back on today. I read that about making the day count and decided to skip the housework and do what I wanted to do. I made my shake, I used vanilla today with frozen strawberries and spinach. Not bad! I use frozen because it’s cheaper and I can buy more because remember I am 45 mins from town. I asked my son to go on a walk and he agreed. We are fortunate to have a mountain behind our house. We walked up two miles and it was pure bliss with all the heavy breathing and sweating aside. It was just Beautiful and I felt amazing. We saw a lot of elk tracks and when we were coming back down six turkeys flew in front of us and of course I already put my phone away lol 

We got in over 4miles, over 10,000 steps and 110 active mins in 2 hours and the best part. I got to spend it with my son who is usually hanging out with his dad but he had to work. So get out and do something you want to do today because you will never get this day back. Till next time God Bless those that read this 😊

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