Good Evening Everybody,

So today was a work day. I am so tired lol Another struggle I have is going to bed at night. I stayed up too late last night which is nothing new for me. My oldest was home for college and we had a lot of shows to catch up on. Then I always have to have at least 45 mins to myself after everyone is in bed.

Yesterday evening my youngest and I did the 5k app. We did two separate 8 minute jogs (because I don’t go fast enough for it to be a run) instead of the usual round and round at our church parking lot we decided to go down our gravel road. It was really hard but we did it. I’m supposed to move to 10 mins two times tomorrow but I’m going to do yesterday over. I don’t want to move forward until I can do it well. 

Now the old me would just give up altogether and claim defeat. The new me doesn’t want to be a quitter. I realized by writing this blog, my life is full of struggles. The only way I am going to achieve my goals is to not quit and know that not everyday is going to be one big accomplishment after another. Life is an everyday battle, some of those battles I will lose but the victory is at the end of the war. In my case ,my war will end next yr. I know there will be struggles off and on but hopefully next year this time I have found better ways of dealing with them.

Yesterday I accomplished eating the right amount of cals, exercise, and I read my bible. I didn’t accomplish getting the right amount of fruit/veggies, drinking enough water, or sleep.  It is hard to make a perfect grade when it comes to daily life. That’s okay, anymore I just want to pass and know I did my best at achieving the score I got at the end of the day! Life is a struggle and the more I write the more I find areas that I can improve in. Right now I am just hoping to to take it one struggle at a time and know with God I will be able to do anything if I don’t give up! 

Thank You to everyone who took the time to read this and until next time God Bless!

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