So I just wanted to share I jogged a mile nonstop. It took me 13mins and 28 secs! Okay to some that is nothing but for me it was a struggle and I did it.

 This makes me happy, because not only did I do this I did it on a work day! Hey I work hard lol I told you all I was tired 😊

More than anything it shows that we just have to hang in there and push a little harder and when the cup looks empty there just might be another drop if you just look inside.

I did get a little advantage by jogging down my hill to get a (run) at it, but when you go down you gotta get back up. In this case I walked.

 If you feel like you can’t go anymore that’s when you need to try a little harder because that is when you will win your struggle. Because if it’s easy it’s not really a struggle and struggles are what makes us who we are!
 God Bless the road your traveling.

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