Day Six… My struggle

Good evening,

It’s been a very long day. Work was exhausting. It didn’t stop me from doing my 5kapp. Thankfully, on Tuesday I have a friend who does it with me. It’s probably a good thing it was right after work or I would have put it off because I have had so much to do at home this evening.  I have done two loads of laundry , still have to dry and fold. Made dinner.,Went over my daughters spelling words with her , and thankfully we did day three of our Bible reading.

Now let’s talk about food lol I thought some of you might be wondering what someone who is watching their weight ate today. I haven’t done too bad. I have plenty of cals left. Prob about 300 which is great for a snack. Now my snack isn’t usually the best. But I do like dark chocolate and it is supposed to be good for you. Then there is these pumpkin cakes which aren’t but they are only 150 cals and the pumpkin spice flavor is something that I do enjoy about fall even if it is not the healthiest alternative.  My son saved me though from them because he ate the last one and left me a empty box.

I had my shake for breakfast, v8 juice energy for snack,a boiled egg, a serving of Swiss cheese,hard salami and a kind bar for lunch. I had spaghetti for dinner. I don’t like wheat pasta and there is no way my husband would think of trying it so I use regular. I do use lean beef. It’s called Laura’s lean beef, I can only find it at Kroger but it’s like 140 cals for four ounces. No hormones or antibiotics. I even had garlic toast. A regular piece is 150, not sure how many cals in this piece.

There is a hole in my bread! Hey it works, I still get my bread and I like my bread. The plate is a salad plate. I even measured my spaghetti. 

So that’s how I managed today. I know there is room for improvement, I have a lot of areas that I struggle in but they are not the same ones everyday. So today I’m pretty happy how I did! 

Thank you to everyone who took the time out to read this, till next time God Bless!

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