Day 8 My Struggle….

What a long but pretty good day! After work I went and seen my daughter who’s in college and my mom. We went out to eat. If you know anything about going to eat Mexican the first thing they do is this.

I tell ya I probably could have ate at least half a basket. I didn’t deprive myself but I did not over indulge either. I ate six and I just broke them to make more bites. A lot of small bites is better than a lot of big bites.

It took me awhile to order but I found something that was good and not bad for the diet.

Grilled Chicken and Vegetables 

So this I pretty good on its own but it’s really good with this.

Say Cheese! I am happy to report I only had two tablespoons.

After eating I went grocery shopping. I picked the worst time to start dieting with all the holiday food coming out. I bought some more pumpkin cakes. They are 150 cals and they are not healthy but when I work hard it’s nice to have a treat. The only thing that depriving me from food I like is cause me to eat twice as much.

Oh and the Booberry cereal is out and I did buy two boxes. I’m going to use my almond milk with it so it’s ok. 

Finally I got home a little after 8pm, so after being gone 13 hours you would think that would be it for the day. The person I was a week ago would have came home and called it a day. Something told me to just go do something for yourself. So I put the cold stuff away and went to the church and jogged a mile. I also beat my time of 13:28 to 12:36. It made me feel so good. 12mins a mile is my goal. Almost there! I also burned 160 cals, so I am going to go eat my pumpkin cake now šŸ˜Š

I even had time for Bible reading with my youngest before she had to go to bed. So today was a pretty good day! 

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, till next time God Bless!

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