Here it is another Sunday evening. Which means tomorrow is the dreaded Monday. Hopefully this work week will be less stressful than last week. So I’m just going to have to pray for a good week.

My daughter went back to college this evening. They say it gets easier each time but it hasn’t yet. I know children have to grow up and that’s fine but it doesn’t mean we are not going to miss them when they are not here. 

Today I didn’t have time to have my shake before church so I had a cup of Tropicana 50 and a kind bar. For lunch same as yesterday’s dinner. No cooking for me. I love leftovers. 

I got really tired today, took about a ten minute nap. I couldn’t figure out why I was so exhausted. The only thing I knew I did different was not drink my shake this morning. It could be a coincidence but I had more sleep last night. I do know I got hungry faster. With my shake I’m good for at least five hours. So I drank my shake for the day. It was one in my sampler pack. It was Greenberry. It was drinkable but not my cup of tea. Or in this case not my container of shake. 

When it came time to do the 5k app my youngest walked down to the church with me. Or in her case tried. Our cat kept following us. We would run her back up and when we would walk she’d walk. When we run she’d  run. So my daughter took her back up the hill I’m down at the church and my daughter makes it without the cat to find the dog followed her. Our pets must needed exercise today too. 

I did my 5k app , I did the same one I did on Friday. Two ten minute jogs. It was a lot harder today. It was also hotter out. I think between the weather and being tired it was a struggle. Might also been the workout on the hill chasing the cat home. I did it though. I had some good company with me. My youngest was with me for some of the time and my best friend also came to be with me. I walked a mile with my best friend and talked after I finished the app. We used to do that a lot but with her job and my job it’s hard to get together like we used to. It just makes the time we do get together more special.

Now I need to get things ready for work tomorrow.

Thanks to all that took the time to read this. Until next time God Bless!

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