Monday sure lived up to its bad rap today.  Last night I got a call telling me that a friend of mine was in the hospital with a collapsed lung and pneumonia. I was pretty upset, I cried, prayed, and then I ate chips. After a serving and a 1/2 I realized this was not going to make things better. I put the chip bag down and went to bed. I literally dreamed about her all night long. This morning when I called to check on her she was gone.

So it made work difficult because I cried off and on all day. God got me through it though. I also work with a lot of caring people who helped more than they will never know. I had plenty shoulders to cry on (literally).

I came home got busy trying to cook and clean the usual daily chores. Then I find myself eating almost a half a can of Planters NUT-rition for Women’s Health. There is 140 calories per serving and I’m sure I randomly ate four just because I’m tired from crying, hungry, and mainly I eat when sad. 

Thankfully it’s something healthy and I didn’t go over in calories like I did last night with the chips. I’m without a shadow of a doubt an emotional eater. 

I want to go walking or jogging in a bit but I just don’t know if I can get my body to cooperate. I will fill you in tomorrow on how that plan goes.

Thanks for reading and until next time God Bless.

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