What a busy day! I went grocery shopping after work so I wouldn’t have to go on my day off. I came home changed clothes and left with my youngest. She likes hanging out with me alone even if it is just to go buy groceries. So I had to at least take her out to eat. She picked Burger King.

Now at first I was excited because I really wanted to try the whopperrito but I found out it’s actually a taco flavored hamburger on a burrito. I was hoping for a whopper on a burrito.  McDonald’s used to have a Big Mac wrap. It was like a Big Mac just less calories.  The Whopperrito was not only taco flavored but over 500 calories. So I settled for a whopper Jr. and a small fry (I only ate half of those)

We went to get groceries after eating. I only bought one bad thing and that was a bag of Hershey’s Carmel Apple filled chocolates. You can have four for 180 calories. I have over 500 calories left today and I’m trying these. These will take place of my pumpkin cake snack. 

I love all these fall flavors Maple,Carmel Apple, and especially Pumpkin  Spice. I guess I picked a bad time to diet. I did do this same thing in 2006 and lost weight. I just ended up gaining half of what I lost back. Mainly due to stress. I was a stay at home mom for 15 yrs and I had to go to work last yr. to help pay bills. My husbands job cut hours and I had to help. I gained 15 pounds in 6 months. I’m am a emotional eater. When I’m stressed,sad,mad, or bored I eat. I eat to try and feel better. However, after consuming many calories I just get more depressed. 

So I’m not your typical dieter as you can see. Don’t get me wrong I believe in eating healthy and exercising but I believe that it’s okay to let yourself splurge if you don’t founder. I need to diet that works for me. If I feel as though I have to follow this and that then I will fail. I have to do what works for me. That is eat more healthy than not and exercise. I have areas to improve in, but Noah didn’t build the Ark in a day and I’m not going to be transformed overnight.

That is why this blog is called My Struggle, it’s nobody’s but mine. There might be people out there like me and hopefully I can be a help to them. 

No exercise today, it’s my day off from exercise. I did get over 14,000 steps and 21 active minutes so I will be happy with that for today.

Until next time, thank you for reading and God Bless!

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