What a day to get things done. I don’t know about you but I hate clutter. I did laundry and cleaned all day then started on clutter. I still have things here and there I need to find a new place for or toss it. I feel happier when everything is in its place. 

So I had to take my youngest to a cookout after school.  I managed to walk away by only drinking a water. I drank my shakeology before I left the house I believe it helped a lot. I made a chocolate covered cherry today, it was the best I have had so far.

Today was a 2o minute run on the 5k app. I was kinda nervous thinking I was going to really struggle.  I waited till 8:00 when it cooled off and I didn’t have any trouble.  So that made me happy.  I was hoping to do better on miles though. It said 1.89 but I’m hoping that is inaccurate since I used my belt instead of the armband for my phone. 

Tomorrow I’m off but there is a pizza get together for our department. My boss has gave out candy all week to show appreciation. I got away with only eating one of those tiny boxes of milk duds. It has about 4 pieces and almost 60 calories. So I think I’m doing pretty good on temptation so far.  

That’s all I have tonight! Till next time God Bless!

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