So I went to a get together at work today. Or should I say pizza party. Talk about temptation. I know a piece of pizza wouldn’t be the worst thing for me but I know how many calories I have set aside for a day and I knew that pizza was not going to keep me full. So to me it would have been calories wasted plus I would have ended up going over this evening because of hunger. They had a vegetable tray so I just consumed 110 cals instead of 300 or more I would have done if I let temptation win.

Now this is not what 110 ten calories looks like, it’s more like this.

If pizza was not temptation enough they pull out a bigger surprise ,banana splits! When this happened ,it was time for me to go. I was tortured enough for one day.

I came home and made a nice vanilla, cherry , and dark chocolate chip shake instead.  If I’m going to consume 300 calories it better be something that is going to keep me full for awhile.

I had a kind bar for snack and I’m making a nice big healthy pot of chili for dinner. I used my lean beef and it’s about 150 calories a serving. So that’s how I’m eating today, but it was a struggle.

Going to go do some jogging in a bit so I can have a little bit of calories for my snack later.

I also lost another two pounds this week, only 26 more to go!

Thank you for reading, till next time God Bless!

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