Today was a special day for me. My daughter from college and I had a day together. We first went to eat because we do it really well. We went to the Gondolier one of our favorite places to go. The first thing they do is bring breadsticks. I did not eat one. I saved my calories for this.

Spinach and Feta Pizza! This is individual size! I tried to find the exact calories and couldn’t find it so I found a four cheese pizza to put down for calorie content. I would rather be over in calories than under.

I did save some calories because this is how much I left behind.

I felt pretty good about this. The waitress asked me if I needed a carryout container. I don’t think she noticed all the toppings were scraped off. At least I hope she wouldn’t think I was saving the crust for later.

We went and got our hair done and after about 5 hours we were hungry again. I just got one fresco taco at Taco Bell. 

We got home and I didn’t feel like jogging. I still wanted to do some type of exercise or I would be hating myself tomorrow. So my youngest daughter and I went walking.  My steps are in and I feel better because I got in some activity minutes on my  Fitbit. 

I am also happy that I have enough calories for a snack. So my food wasn’t perfect choices but they were very good choices considering what I would have normally consumed. I didn’t have a breadstick, those are 140 calories. Bigger than that my daughter and I usually split a piece of cake which is a lot of calories.  Then at Taco Bell I would have had a supreme taco instead of fresco and ate two instead of one. So maybe I’m not all grilled and steamed everything but I’m eating better and I’m happy with that.

So until next time, God Bless!

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