Monday is almost over thank goodness. I tried thinking good thoughts today. Kinda felt bad because Monday gets a bad rap for being the first day back to work/school  after a weekend off. So I’m thinking Monday and I are going to get along. Then I get to work and my Fitbit is dead. Nothing to ruin a day like your Fitbit battery being dead. Especially on a day you know you usually can get no less than 15,000 steps. 

Before Fitbit I had a step counter, those I would forget to put on. I love knowing how many steps I take in a day. I hate to think I’m obsessed with this little tracking device but I am. I know a lot of others that are too. It really became a big deal to me when I was able to sync it to my food tracker app.Since my battery died I don’t know how many steps I have in or how many active minutes I got at work. Without active minutes I do not get my snack calories. I gotta have my snack.

Thankfully I put it on charge as soon as I got home, because I can’t go walking or jogging this evening without it. I also have an app on my phone that tells me how many miles I jog and how long it takes me. I don’t like jogging or walking without my app on either. These things may seem petty and crazy but they are helping my struggle with diet and exercise.

My Fitbit is charged time to run! (Pun intended)  until next time God Bless!

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