This day was just not my day. I got up with allergies kicking, it’s like they knew tomorrow was fall. I was also still exhausted from the day before. Then it happened my shoulder decided it would act up. The muscle that hurts is one that if left untreated too long feels like a heart attack. 

So I tried to get in to my chiropractor but no such luck till Monday and I can’t do Monday because I have to work. They tried but it’s one of those living too far away things. Plus it just happens to be in a different direction than my workplace. 

After work I came home and could barely hold my eyes open. So I laid down and slept for three hours. I kept waking up cold which not a good sign for me since lately I’ve been the one turning the air back on after my husband goes to bed.

I’m just not a happy person today at all. I don’t even want to be around myself but I don’t know how to do the outer body experience thing.

The worse part is this is day two of no exercise.  Im going to have to find a way to get it in Tomorrow ,pain or no pain. 

So if I can control my eating for the rest of the night I might be able to salvage the rest of this horrible, terrible, no good day!

So I don’t leave you complaining over everything. I did get in 36 active mins at work and over 12,000 steps. Tomorrow is also my day off!

Until next time God Bless!

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