So I actually got into the chiropractor because they had a cancellation.  Not only was I out of place everywhere. I also had a lot of lactic acid build up. Good thing I got in ,because they are going on vacation for two weeks. 

Before going to the chiropractor my youngest and I went out for Chinese food. It is a buffet but I didn’t go back for seconds. I did indulge in a small spoonful  of ice cream and blackberry cobbler. I’m only human. 

Here is the funny part! My fortune for today was this.

I had to do the dreaded grocery shopping thing. It really puts a damper on my day.

I came home and walked one mile. This one mile took me 28 minutes. So as you can see I’m still not up to par.

I am still experiencing soreness from being adjusted but that’s expected. The problem I’m having I don’t like is chills, sweating everywhere but my feet which are like ice and I feel like I need to cough sometimes to relieve pain. I asked my chiropractor and the muscle problem I have can cause everything but the chills and sweating. I don’t have a fever. I talked to a nice lady there and she has experienced the same symptoms and her nurse practitioner said it could be a sign of dehydration.  I really haven’t had as much water as I should so I tried drinking all day and all it does is make me go to the bathroom. 

Who knows, I have a mandatory meeting at work tomorrow where I will be surrounded by nurses. Maybe they can help me lol. If not off to the Dr it will be.

Until next time God Bless and thank you for taking time out to read this!

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