So I haven’t even been dieting and exercising for a month and hit a brick wall.

 Trying to pick myself up and getting back to jogging or at least some type of exercise. Then we have the dieting which is not going well either.

I did manage to get some laundry done, hope to finish tomorrow. Went to a mandatory meeting at work, Fixed dinner, and finished putting the groceries up from last night. All of this and still didn’t make a dent in my day.

This morning I had a Three Musketeers for breakfast. We had BBQ for dinner. I am trying not to find relief in comfort food but it’s not easy. Thankfully there is no more candy bars in the house. 

The first day of being ill is like I can get through this but after that I reach downward spiral. I’m tired of having no energy and I don’t want to eat good because it lacks the satisfaction of bad food. 

I’m sorry if I’m depressing you but if I blogged that everything was great here saying I jogged this far and only ate good food it would be a total lie. I hope that you are reading this because I am going to struggle for different reasons. I’m just not going to give up. 

So I’m going to go and plug up my Fitbit just in case I wake up feeling Amazing. Right now I am chilling and waiting on the fever to come next. I do believe I would rather sweat than freeze. So if anyone that reads this would say a prayer for me, I will be thankful.

Hopefully I can have a better blog for you to read tomorrow, until then God Bless!

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