Feeling much better this evening so if I don’t get my nightly chills and morning fever I will consider myself well.

This morning was rough but this afternoon   my husband took me on the four wheeler to my happy place. My happy place is the mountain above my house and even though I couldn’t walk up it I insisted I was walking down it. So my oldest and I walked down together, it was 1.45 miles.  

Later in the evening we had a hot dog roast (I only ate one) and we roasted marshmallows I only had one of those too!

Today was also weigh in day, I didn’t gain but I didn’t lose the two pounds I was hoping to. I did lose a few ounces which is better than none.

So thankful for a good day after the ones I’ve been having.

Until next time, thanks for reading and God Bless! 

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