Still doing the chills and sweating thing. Mainly just sweating about three to four times a day. So I didn’t get to go to church because I am still not sure what I have and if it’s contagious. I’m going to try and get in to the Dr tomorrow after work and see if they can tell me what it is and if there’s anything I can take. 

I started out eating good today, I even managed to get a pot of vegetable beef soup done. Thankfully my husband peeled the potatoes for me so I just had to mainly throw everything in a pot and cook it.

My oldest decided she wanted to make cookies. I didn’t have everything for homemade chocolate chip but I did have a cake mix and I told her I would guide her through making those. Cake mix cookies may not be better than homemade but they are good enough if you want cookies bad enough. 

Cookies and cakes are a weakness of mine. I ate three! They are also 208 calories a piece. I’m so glad we bagged up the rest and sent them back to college with her.

As for exercise I’ve done two 15 minutes of walking in place. Not great but still something. 

Until tomorrow, thanks for reading and God Bless!

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