I am so happy to be off today. I felt like I missed my days off last week by being sick. There are no do overs though, you just do the best you can each day.

I started off my Thursday the way I usually do. Take the kids to school and come back and take a nap. So I laid down for three hours. I feel that I worked three days and probably could have used a hour each night I missed so that is how I came up with that. 

I got up and straightened the house some. Tomorrow will be my big laundry and cleaning day.

Then I decided I would try jogging. I put my shoes on, then took them back off because I have a blister on the back each heel from my new shoes I wore to church. I put band aids on ,then my shoes again. Opened the door and realized it was cool and windy. So then I got on a jacket and went back outside. I spent some time with my cats and I was just about to go and it started looking rainy. So I came back inside.

I felt discouraged because I really wanted to try jogging again.Then I looked at my treadmill. I really don’t like jogging on it after jogging outside. It’s harder for me. I knew that if I wanted to jog today the treadmill was my only way.  So I found a show to watch and got on the treadmill. I have to watch something on the treadmill because otherwise I watch the time and then I’d give up. I did two miles on the treadmill, walked a mile and jogged a mile.  It was broken up though, I walked then jogged a 1/4 mile ,walked, jogged 1/2 mile, walked, jogged 1/4 mile, walked. I am happy I did it even if it was a struggle.

Then after school my youngest and I went and picked up my College girl and went to Taco Bell. My mom met us there so it was a nice visit. The best part is I ate three fresco tacos for dinner and they are only 150 cals each. So I think that was a better choice than going somewhere else where I would end up consuming twice that.

I then and went and did the dreaded grocery shopping. I really dislike it. It wasn’t too bad getting it all in the house as usual because my son and husband was home to do that part for me. 

So that’s all I have today! Thank you for reading and until next time God Bless!

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