Happy Friday! Today I have been busy cleaning and cooking. Looking forward to a nice weekend now that I have everything done that had to be done. 

I went back to the church this evening to see if I could jog some. I walked a little bit and tried to jog and stopped after a couple laps. It is a lot cooler now in the evenings so I might have to find a way to jog earlier when the suns out. After my app said one mile I gave it another go and jogged one whole mile. First time since my sick spell. I have decided if all I can do well is one mile, than that’s okay because I’m doing my best. Not that on days I feel good and the weather is right I’m not going to try for more.

So I have been blogging for a month now. Have I accomplished anything this month? I weighed today and I lost almost two pounds for the week but not quite. I started at 177.5 thirty days later 172.7 total weight loss for this month 4.8 pounds. Not really the best but it’s an improvement. The week of being sick cost me a couple pounds. 
I also ran two miles straight this month so that is also an accomplishment. 

Tomorrow is a new day and a new month! Hopefully there will be more accomplishments in October!

Until next time, thanks for reading and God Bless!

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