Today was another good day. I can only hope the work week starts out as great. 

This morning we went to church and I even got to see my college girl for awhile. She came home in time for church but she couldn’t stay long after, so we spent our time as a family having lunch at Papa Johns. 

Now I knew yesterday we were going to go so I did skip breakfast and just added my breakfast and lunch calories together. Maybe not the smartest thing to do but you do what you gotta do. I had two small breadsticks,one piece of pizza, and a piece of a big chocolate chip cookie. My totals for this meal is 905 calories. See now why I skipped breakfast.

It was so worth it to me. I really enjoyed being with my husband and all three of my kids.

My youngest and I got a four wheeler ride to my happy place in the mountains where we had our own adventure. We sang, walked, talked and even had prayer. It was so beautiful and kinda majestic like.  We ended up walking 2 miles so that’s even better. Had to burn up some of those calories from earlier.

I wish everyday could be like today! But if they were I’m sure we would not appreciate them near as much.

Thanks for reading, until next time God Bless!

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