I’m glad it has cooled down but I am so not liking the losing of daylight hours. I’m not one who enjoys being in the dark unless I’m in bed going to sleep. Which is something I do not get enough of. 

I got in 2.98 miles in of walking today. That is my exercise steps, the ones I actually made an effort to get. For the day so far I have in over 17,000 steps. I don’t have any trouble in getting my steps on days I work. It’s the ones I don’t work that are a struggle.

So I thought last night was going to be a good ending with my calories. I totally messed it up with eating saltines and Swiss cheese. I probably ruined my cals by 350 cals there and yeah that’s not all. I ate the rest of the candy corn that was on the table. The sad part is not knowing really why. 

Hunger was not a issue. I just wanted something salty then wanted something sweet. I’m thinking hormones might have played a part in my downfall. 

As of right now I only have 100 cals left. I hope I don’t go into another eating binge. I’m going to really try to control it. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. It sounds crazy that a grown person has no control when it comes to eating. I’m one that finds comfort in food. That is why this blog is called my struggle is real.  Food gives me a short fix on whatever is bothering me. Everyone has ways of coping with little things life throws at you. My problem is my coping method is the reason I’m overweight.

Until next time, thanks for reading and God Bless!

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