Today has been long and busy. Not a bad day just tiring.

So I went to town and had dinner with a couple of friends. I had my usual a spinach and feta pizza. I pretty much scraped it like last time. I splurged on a breadstick and even got a piece of cake which I only ate a few bites of and let my friend have the rest. ( a slice is big)

Came home and picked up my youngest and went and got groceries. I got almost everything put away. 

I was way behind in getting in my steps which is 10,000 a day because of sitting in a car for hours. I needed 4,000 more. It was too late to walk outside so I walked in place and around the couch some.

I finally got my steps in ,which is good because I had to charge my Fitbit. 

I was able to control my eating last night. If any of you was wondering. I didn’t have any more cheese anyway lol. I didn’t even by any more since I couldn’t control eating too much at one time. I will just stick to the singles. I don’t eat it like I do deli sliced. 

Okay so you all know I like pumpkin spice, I like Maple even better than that. They now have Maple Honey Buns. I had to resist them twice because They were two places in the store.

I’m still waiting on the Maple icing to come back out because it was great and I do like to bake with my kids. 

My kids are off tomorrow from school so I get some extra sleep and I won’t have to stop cleaning to go get them. So I should be able to get the laundry and cleaning done earlier than usual. 

That’s all for now, until next time. Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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