Happy Friday!  

Today has been cleaning and laundry day. I have everything done except for dusting. I would have gotten it done but the kids had their little festival at school and we went to that. So I will do it in the morning. I’m also working on my wall behind my couch putting up a wall decal. It is very hard to do. I’m having to use stick glue to keep it from falling off lol

My eating has been good today. Not good on exercise but I did get my steps in.

Looking forward to another great weekend but I’m going to be missing my oldest. I got to see her for a little bit tonight when she came for the festival. I’m going to go see her at school next week and go out to lunch. 

I found a dessert on Pinterest called Apple Nachos I’m going to try tomorrow. You use carmel and white chocolate to drizzle on sliced apples and can sprinkle with chocolate chips. I like making treats for the kids and it’s healthier than baking a cake. 

My son won two cakes in the cake walk. So I have temptation on my counter. That’s okay though I’m going to do my best to resist. 

That’s all I have for now! So until next time, thanks for reading and God Bless!

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