Today started off kinda yucky. It wasn’t so bad that it was cool but so didn’t like the misting of rain. Wind was pretty bad too. It really makes me thankful that I am not where the hurricanes are. Those poor people need our prayers.

My youngest and I finished the wall project. It was difficult but we finished it.

I made the apple nachos and they were good. I made a big plate full but it was for me and the kiddos. I knew my husband wouldn’t want any. 

I used three Macintosh apples, light carmel dip, some melted white chocolate, few dark chocolate chips sprinkled and a few pecans. Serving was only 202 cals. So it ended up a nice treat. 

The weather cooperated and I got my fire for this evening. I was low on steps so earlier I was walking in place by the fire lol. Whatever works right.

I did weigh in and I was not looking forward to it. I gained a few ounces which is better than a pound or 1/2 of one for that matter. 

This week was just crazy for me. Still not quite sure if it was hormones or emotional eating. 

Today starts a new week so I’m hoping for a good weigh in next Saturday. I just need to focus a little harder.

So thanks for reading and until next time God Bless!

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