So while at work today my Fitbit died. I thought it had to be the battery even though I just charged it Sunday. I hate not knowing how many steps I have took or active minutes that was logged. I told you before I’m really addicted to this thing.

After work I had dinner with my college girl. We were both so tired we could hardly stay awake. It was still a good visit ,I was just happy to get to talk with her. I took her back to college and then went and bought groceries.

I came home and as soon as I put the cold stuff in the refrigerator I went to charge my Fitbit. It wouldn’t charge. It’s dead! So I went online and I have one that’s supposed to be here by Monday. It’s like a cars battery without it your car won’t run. Without my Fitbit I don’t want to walk lol. I now have to rely on my fitness pal app and map my run. Is there anyone out there like me when it comes to their Fitbit? I hope I’m not the only crazy one. Least I admit it, it’s better than being in denial.

It gave me 49 active mins before it died. My calorie total is in good range even with my chicken salad sandwich and fries. That’s because I always eat light as I can when I know I’m going out to eat. 

Until next time, thanks for reading and God Bless!

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