Today was a much better day than yesterday. Work was a normal day which is a good thing. 

Went for a walk at the park after work with a friend. We walked a little over two and a half miles.

I have over 18,000 steps in. Which is great but I was walking in place trying to get in those last steps to get to 20,000 and my Fitbit died again. Not the battery. It is somehow getting wet. If it comes back to life I’m going to change the band. If it dies and does not make it back I’m going to get out my spare. 

It’s lighting up now on charge with a half a battery so I hope to make it to 20,000 steps before bed.

I really wanted Arby’s cheese sticks today but I made it by there without stopping and ate spaghetti o’s and meatballs instead. My family had left overs so no cooking today.

I made it yesterday under my calorie goal and hope to do the same today. 

I better go try and get in those steps now!

Until next time, thanks for reading and God Bless!

2 thoughts on “Day 48  My Struggle…….

  1. So glad I am not the only one with these struggles! I love to walk for exercise, but wintertime is the hardest because the days are so short! I prefer to walk in the early morning or early evening, but in the winter it runs into all sorts of conflicts. Yeah, and the there’s those comfort foods during times of stress. Gotta keep on trying! Thanks for the encouragement!

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