Good evening! Today started out cool and rainy and now it’s just cool. I know we need the rain but I want the sunshine back now. It doesn’t even have to be warm just as long as the sun shines I’m fine.

I started the day off with laundry. It wasn’t as bad as usual because the kids were on vacation. They only had one set of clothes in the hamper instead of two. I always have them change into play clothes after school.

I had to go to work for a meeting. So there went 2 1/2 hours of my day between sitting and driving.

I was thinking about the cornbread I made yesterday in my cast iron skillet on the way home. I was going to warm up some beans and the leftover cornbread for dinner. 

Upon returning home I found the 5 pieces of cornbread were gone. My son and husband finished it off in milk while I was at the meeting. So I made jiffy mix instead and had that with my beans. Not near as satisfying but it was okay. I added some macaroni and ketchup, it was a nice touch. That is what my youngest and I had for dinner. I used to eat beans like that when I was younger. Needless to say it’s been awhile.

It was hard to get in my steps today but I walked in place while my youngest read our Bible scripture for the day to me. So I got in my 10,000.

Calorie total today so far so good. I am noticing it doesn’t take as much food as it used to for me to be full. I say my biggest problem is being careful not to over snack. Proportion is the key to dieting at least for me.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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