So I was supposed to be off today but I went in and helped out for half a day. Then I came home and straightened up the house. After school let out my youngest and I went to town. I went to the chiropractor and had to get groceries.

I love going to the chiropractor because I feel so much better afterwards. My chiropractor is like a family member. She is so nice. Today she told me she had been praying for me since August because that’s when my oldest started college. She knew it was going to be hard on me. I’m so grateful for people like that in my life.

So after that we went and ate Chinese food. I only had one plate even though it was all u can eat. It wasn’t heaping but there was not much space left.

Now if you have been reading my post the last time I had Chinese food my fortune cookie told me to eat more vegetables. So I opened my cookie up and got this.

Now I don’t know if they have it in for me or just trying to help me lol. My daughters had nothing to do with diet or exercise this time or last time ,just mine. Strange , don’t you think?

So I’m getting a little tired of pumpkin spice. Notice I did say little. Apparently Little Debbie knew this because they brought out Christmas cakes and I love the cherry cordial. I bought a box but I’m going to share and usually when I share I only get two.

I did get in over 13,000’steps and 40 active minutes.

It has been a long day but it has been a pretty good one.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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