What a great day! It started off a little yucky. I woke up from a dream. In the dream I called in sick for work because my back was hurting. The back pain wasn’t a dream though. I got it straightened out and I feel fine. It’s just those morning aches and pains.

So I made a three cheese, spinach quiche. I had two servings and it was only 205 calories. Not bad tasting either. I make my quiche crustless it saves calories. Then I had a cherry cordial for dessert, it was 170 calories. So worth it though. Then chili for dinner which is healthy also. Then a mini candy bar. I’m trying here lol. I’m staying in my goal range and still eating treats. That makes me happy.

I weighed myself and I lost a pound. I’m down 2.9 pounds for the month. I’m losing slow but I’m losing by still being me. By that I mean, I eat better than before without trying to deny my cravings. I don’t always let my cravings win. I’m human and sometimes I just need a sweet treat or salty snack.  Small changes now make big results later. I make a lot of food and drink choices daily. My goal is that I have more good choices than bad.

I walked and played outside with my youngest. I took a lot of pictures. A lot was of my cats. It’s National Cat Day!  My son and husband went hunting so us girls took walks and made a leaf pile to jump in. Wish my oldest was home to spend the day with us. I get to see her tomorrow !

I am a little over my active minutes goal but under on my steps. Don’t worry I will get them in before bed!

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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