Shew ,what a day! Work was hard but I still had a great day! I thank the good Lord above for that. He answered my prayers. I prayed for a good day and even though it was rough it was good.

I went walking after work with a friend. We walked 2.5 miles so that helped with my steps. 21,000 steps and 167 active minutes. So proud of that! I guess you can see that since I used it as my blog photo.

I came home and folded clothes and put them away. I would have had them folded already but trick or treat had me out to late to get it done yesterday.

Didn’t have to cook because they ate leftover pizza. I still have yet to eat. I have only ate 386 calories.  Not because I’m not hungry but have not had time to eat. I almost stopped at Arby’s to get some cheese sticks but I knew I was going to be eating out tomorrow. So I am eating there tomorrow with my college girl before I get groceries. Don’t worry I will watch my calories.

I also started a plank challenge. I just seen how long I could hold it. I held it for 35 seconds. I’m going to try and add 5 seconds everyday and rest on Sundays. I hope it helps my belly.

Well ,that’s all for today! Remember prayer works!

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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