So today I was off work. Didn’t get near as much done as I expected or wanted to. I came home and took a nap that I desperately needed. I stayed up too late making sure my oldest was okay. She messaged me last night to tell me she sprained her ankle. Then I kinda stayed by my iPad for messages ;she went to the Dr three times. Once to school campus,then for  X-ray, then back to have a boot put on because she fractured it. It’s a small fracture and thankfully the bone is still in place. I hate she’s not home so I can take care of her. She is supposed to be home tomorrow thank goodness. Except I’m not sure yet if she’s going to be able to drive here.

So I haven’t binged on food but I also have failed on steps today. I am hoping to get some energy and at least get them in if I have to do it by walking in place. I only have in 5000 and it’s 7pm!

So I got over my pumpkin spice. I love eggnog but it’s high in calories and very fattening. So I settled for soy nog. It’s not bad but it’s not the good stuff either. Then I couldn’t believe my eyes, Little Debbie has came out with egg nog rolls. I couldn’t resist and bought a box. I ate one and they taste just like egg nog. My son likes them so I shouldn’t have them around long. They are 260 calories each! Why did I start this journey in the middle of the holidays? 

Let you all know tomorrow if I get in my steps.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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