Today I went and had a day with just me and my college girl. With her fractured ankle we were somewhat limited on how much and where we could go but we made the best of the situation. 

I’m just happy she got to come home. We got our hair done, ate Mexican for lunch, and managed to shop in one store. So I’ve had a blessed day! 

I have to say my diet has kinda been on the curb since she’s been home but I will be back on track tomorrow. 

Last night we played a long game of Monopoly. A Christmas Story version. I beat both daughters and my oldest daughters BF. My son and husband went hunting. Here’s a picture of my winnings.

I think that is the most I have ever won. I ended up owning everything on the board. They all went broke due to my crates (hotels). That’s also when I ate too many pizza rolls. If the kids didn’t need a snack I would have made it lol.

So my blog photo is what I ordered. Chicken quesadilla with a side of rice. This is what I had left.

I did good there but I forgot to count my chips I had with salsa. 

I warmed up some chicken and dumplings when I got home. Just a little though. I also have gelato in the freezer because it’s our treat that we eat and watch tv together. 

Like I said I will do better tomorrow.

I have gotten in my steps, getting ready to do my plank. I also got in a little over 40 active minutes.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Thanks for reading it means so much! God Bless!

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