This post is coming way earlier than usual. It’s a little after one here and I usually do not get my blog in before eight or later. I’m not sure what time I will get back tonight. We have to take my college girl back to school. Then from there we have to go to the funeral home. 

It’s going to be a sad evening all the way around. I know with God I will get through this day. 

There is something good I’m waiting on to happen today. A sweet young couple from church are going to become parents to a beautiful baby girl. The saying goes “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.”  That is so true! No matter how bad a day is if you look for the good you can find it. However some people can take a good day and find only the bad. We all have been guilty of this. So let us not focus on bad things and focus on good. If we do this I’m sure our week will look much brighter.

I have been walking around my house to get in my steps. I gave 8000 so far. If I can’t get 2000 more before bed than I have a problem. I have in 70 active minutes. No planking today! 

Going back on watching my calories. I sure did bomb out the last two evenings with my oldest. I tried to only eat half of my gelato which would if been 420 calories. Didn’t work ate all 840 calories. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it though. Watching tv, talking and snacking with my oldest is something I have missed so much. It’s been six weeks since she’s been home all weekend. I know I can’t eat crazy and lose weight but I’m not going to do this every week either. I have days I splurge knowingly which are different than overeating just because I’m stressed, sad, or bored.

How are they different. If I overeat knowingly I cut calories elsewhere. If I do it because I’m stressed or sad I really don’t know how many calories I am consuming. I’m just eating to feel better and in the end I will feel worse. I’m not feeling bad about yesterday because I had control. Before I ate the other half I knew how many calories I would be eating. If I do it emotionally I can only guess.

All that matters is I’m on track today. How do I make up for the weekend. I just cut calories through the week. I figured out calories are calories. It takes a week for me to gain or lose on a scale.  So the days I have left I will cut some calories and put in a extra workout. Have you heard the saying ” I workout because I like to eat?” That is so me lol.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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