Today was a good day! I didn’t even take a nap like I usually do on Thursdays. 

After I took the kids to school I came home and drank coffee and watched a Christmas movie. 

Then it was time to get some straightening and cleaning done. Tomorrow is going to be laundry and sweeping day.

Right now I’m sitting in the living room enjoying my plug in Christmas light show. I only have on green. Didn’t want to get too festive too fast. I would like to have the color blue. That would be pretty.

I had beans and cornbread for dinner. If you have read my older posts you know that the last time I had beans the boys ate my cornbread with milk. Leaving me to make the Jiffy mix. I like Jiffy mix but with my beans I like the homemade kind and the cast iron skillet just makes it even better.

I didn’t eat a big piece. Just a small one crushed up in my beans. 

I got in 12,000 steps today. Which is good on a non work day. I have in 48 active minutes. I also have 444 calories left for the day.

My youngest two do not have school tomorrow. Other than getting my husband up for work I get to sleep in. Very excited about that!

Tonight my youngest and I are going to watch a Christmas movie together. I love Christmas movies, Christmas music, Christmas lights, I just love Christmas!

Hope everyone has a pleasant evening!

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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