I got up today and worked really hard at eating right. I mixed my Shakeology with my coffee, made a healthy broccoli casserole, and I made my spaghetti a light spinach alfredo.  There is no way I can do this everyday. I can do my best but I usually don’t have this much time on my hands.

This is my broccoli casserole.

I weighed myself and I lost 1/4 of a pound. That’s it! I did not eat any different really than the week before and I felt like I exercised more. Talk about putting me in a mood. I have been quite moody ever since I stepped on the scale.

I have been planking for almost two weeks. I’m hoping I’m gaining muscle and that is why the scale only moved a smidgen.

Here is a picture of me sideways. I don’t know why I took this picture today since I was already upset with the scale but here it is. I have so many areas to work on but my belly is the worst. I have had three c-sections so it’s even harder to try to fix. I’m going to do some extra Ab work this week lets hope it will help.

So now you know what I look like. I lost a little but I have 24lbs to go and it’s a struggle all the way.

So I was still feeling pain and sore today. That doesn’t help with my mood at all. I did stretching and used my foam roller. I really do try to find relief without medicine. I took Ibuprofen yesterday and the day before. I did not want to take it today. So I am trying turmeric and magnesium together. 

Still feeling a bit grouchy I decided to go for a walk. I can’t really go to my happy place out in the mountains because it’s hunting season and I rather not get mistaken for a deer. I walked to the church and while I was walking listening to my Christmas music. I noticed my cat had followed me. I picked him up and he was so sweet . He purred and loved on me. This made me feel better. So I carried him back up the hill home. Which is about a 1/4 a mile. I gave him to my youngest and walked back down the hill to my friends house.

Here is our picture.

Monday is my sons birthday. So we are taking him out for pizza tomorrow. He will get his ice cream cake Monday on his actual birthday. So I’m going to have to watch my calories very close the next two days.

I have in my steps, 47 active mins, and 435 calories left. 

This is all I have for today, thanks so much for reading! God Bless! 

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