Good Evening!

Today work was a lot better than yesterday. I came home tired but not feeling like someone beat me up lol. I was able to go get my groceries done this evening too after work. So I’m all ready for thanksgiving. 

Last night I made myself get in 20,000 steps and I did some leg lifts. Then I used my tens unit to help relieve some of my pain. I will be using it again this evening for sure. I have in 17,000 steps so far and I’m going to try to get in 20,000 before bed. If I get in 20,000 on the three days I work and 10,000 on the other days that equals to my goal of 100,000 for the week.

My eating for today was not great because I did have McDonald’s. I got a fish sandwich but it was plain. Then a small fry which I ate a little over half. I have only eaten and drank a total of 1040 calories for this day. So I have around 450 left. 

I have been good about staying out of my sons leftover birthday cake. I do wish him and my husband would finish it a little faster. Temptation is definitely there. Last night instead of devouring some ice cream cake I ate a little treat with a lowfat fudge bar. 

I guess I better get busy on those steps!

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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