So today was my day off. I took the kids to school and came home. I was really wanting to be productive but I took a nap instead. I did straighten the house after my nap. Then I picked up the kids and made dinner.

I feel quite lazy today. I cleaned the kitchen after dinner and I took another nap. So I think I really needed to rest according to my body. I was literally out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

This evening I was quite upset that I only had in 1/2 of my steps for the day. I guess that’s what happens when you sleep too much. So I got to walking. I did a little outside but mainly I walked inside while watching tv. I’m happy that I have 13,500 steps in as of now. I also have 90 active mins. Yesterday I had more steps but today I have 25 more active minutes.

My eating has been good. That’s probably due to sleeping too. You can’t eat if your asleep. I had light Greek yogurt this morning. I sprinkled raspberries, coconut and just a few dark choc chips. I have friends that eat this and it looked good so I tried it. It was delicious. I fried fish for my guys. My youngest went with fish sticks. I baked mine but theirs looked so much better. It’s a struggle but I really try to eat good most of the time.

I have peppermint kisses on the table. I allow myself one after meals. They are not as good as the cherry cordial, carmel, or milk chocolate ones. That is why I bought these instead though. You can eat just one and the peppermint helps with cravings.

I need to do arm and leg exercises today. I did my abs again yesterday. I hope to be able to get where I feel I have to exercise before my day is complete. Like, I am about my step goal. Right now it’s a hassle. 

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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