Hi everyone! So how is your Saturday going? Today has been pretty cold and windy. Which is strange when yesterday was was warm and beautiful. If it wasn’t so windy it may have been an okay day. 

I tried going out 4 times and each time I may have lasted 5 minutes each.

So today I started out by weighing myself. Big mistake! Big! Ruined my whole day. I only lost another 1/4 of a pound. I have been down and out all day. I think I need to start weighing myself on Mondays because it’s already a gloomy day. 

I’ve been exercising more and losing less. My eating has been pretty much the same.

Then it seems when I’m down about one thing I find other things to bring me down even further. Like my job, aches and pains,my husbands job which leads to thinking about bills and Christmas is coming. Now I’m just a ball of stress.

The thing is I know better. I know that if I can let go and let God ,everything will work out. For some reason I’m just not able to let go like I usually can. Looks like I’m going to be spending a lot of time in prayer. Thank goodness there’s church tomorrow.

So my eating today has been good and bad since I’m feeling yucky.

I made a spinach and green peas dish. It is only 233 calories a serving. Which is good because I found my Maple flavored icing and I had two tablespoons. Maybe three idk, I should have measured better but I was looking for something to make me happy. It worked for a whole five minutes.

There is a Gilmore Girls marathon on , so I managed to get in 100 active mins watching tv and walking around the couch. I have in 13,0oo steps today. I have 110,000 steps for the week. That is 7,000 more than usual and I only lost 1/4 a pound. So aggravating. This is why I have a hard time sticking to diet and exercise. I get upset with the scale. 

I see a difference in certain parts of my body, I have clothes that fit now that didn’t last year. Yet, I’m still mad because I want the scale to move down. 

So that’s my struggle today! 

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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