So today was a lot better than yesterday. I went to church this morning. Then when I got home I got a message from my college girl. So we texted a bit and decided since she didn’t get to make it home this weekend my youngest and I would go see her. The boys were going to be hunting anyway.

She will get to come home on Tuesday evening and stay till Sunday. I’m So excited she gets to be home that long. I love holidays with my family. Even if we do eat too much when we’re together.

Today we went to eat. I hadn’t eaten all morning so I had all my calories left. I ordered the chicken salad sandwich and fries. Not the best choice but not the worst. Then we went and picked up some things for our Christmas youth meeting that’s coming up.

I did get a early Christmas present for myself. It is a simply fit board. I seen them on tv and have been wanting to try it. You balance on it and twist away. I twisted for sixty minutes. It gives me a break from walking around the couch since it’s too cold or dark to go outside. Maybe I can twist myself into shape.

I do miss outside!  I miss my happy place but right now it’s hunting season and it’s not safe to be there.

Last night my youngest and I had hot cocoa while watching a Christmas movie. I can’t wait till she is on break so we can watch Christmas movies and shows every night. Without worrying about getting up for school. Plus my oldest will be home too. My husband and son go to bed early. So if we watch tv with them it has to be early.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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