So I guess you can say I’m two for two. I worked two days this week and so far both days have been good. Praying for another good day tomorrow. 

So after work I came home and fixed an easy dinner;  Hotdogs! Okay so I know they are not a healthy choice but if it makes any difference I used the 10 calorie hotdog sauce. 

Then I proceeded to eat peppermint kisses while talking with my family at the table. So I guess my eating was bad today.

On a good note, I am only over 50 calories I have set for myself. I have 555 left according to my fitness pal. They gave me extra calories for my active mins on my Fitbit. Because when you eat you need to burn it off. So since I did eat I got on my new fit board and worked out 61 mins. This added to my work active mins gave me 100 active minutes. I also have in 20,000 steps.

So I’m actually happy about that!

If anyone wants to know about my blog picture. It is a cube that kids can roll with prayers on it they can say before eating. I think it’s cute! I wish I had this when my kids were younger. I think my ten yr old is going to use it. She likes it and I don’t think she feels to big for it. Which I’m thankful for. Kids try to grow up your fast nowadays.

That’s all today!

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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