So it’s the day after thanksgiving and there are leftovers. What a struggle there. I did eat some but not near what I did yesterday. I didn’t eat my roll and I didn’t eat a piece of pie but I did eat a bite of three so that might end up being piece.

So I have cleaned out the closet. The one where all your junk goes. I have taken Thanksgiving decorations down and put up Christmas ones. Cleaned the house and did everyone’s laundry. I have pretty much worked a hard ten hour shift with a 20 minute lunch break. We all helped with the tree. My sweet husband not only put the tree up (not that I could anyway it’s a live one) but he put the lights on too! 

Now my Fitbit warned me its battery was low but I thought I could get in 10,000 steps before it died. I was wrong, I had 9,997 steps in then it died. Can you believe it, three more steps. Oh well, it’s on charge and I will get to say 10,000 before bed. It did give me 46 active minutes for today where yesterday it gave me only 8 minutes. 

I’ve been waiting for my show to come out on Netflix.  Today it is finally on, I’ve been good at getting all my work done. So now I’m going to relax and call it a night. 

Thank you so much for reading my blog and God Bless!

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