Good evening everyone!

I hope you all are having a great weekend so far. 

I had a pretty great day. I went with my girls to town and we met up with some family at Pizza Hut. 

I had a personal pan with creamy Parmesan sauce, spinach, onions and black olives. I left over half the crust so I could have a breadstick. 

I started tracking my food again today. Because let’s face it if I don’t keep my calories in check I will eat too much.

I have 500 calories to get me through the evening. That is my calorie allowance. Fitness pal says I have 900 but I don’t want to eat that many calories. I can’t lose weight eating the calories they give me for working out. 

I finished watching my Netflix show today and managed 115 active minutes. I did two twelve minute miles on my elliptical ( one with weights one without) then two 20 minutes on my fit board and the rest was walking in place. 

It is easier to exercise when you don’t have to work, clean, or cook for hours. So I  try to do good on my relaxing days. 

Have a great evening!

Thank you so much for reading and God Bless!

P.S   So this just happened 😃

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