Monday has arrived once again. Thankfully it has left me unscathed ; so far anyway. The night is young. My day is pretty much done other than the laundry I’m working on.

So I worked today then came home and started on the household chores. 

While waiting on clothes to get done I did find rest in watching a Christmas movie with my youngest. We watched the “The Rooftop Christmas tree 🎄 ” it was really good. 

I left work knowing my husband and children had already eaten, so the temptations kicked in. I first thought of Arby’s cheese sticks then I thought of McDonald’s buttermilk chicken sandwich. I finally was able to drive by without stopping. 

I ended up eating a hot pocket. Still not great but better than what I was going to get. I did eat some light yogurt,dark chocolate chips,coconut and berries too.

I only had 14,000 steps when I got home and 45 active minutes. My goal on days I work is 20,000. I really did not feel like pushing myself. I already put in a days work why work even harder. Whatever the reason the need to meet my goal grew. I’m a little over 20,000 steps now and I have 110 active minutes.

I really need to push myself because the scale has not moved down in awhile and I’m still afraid to weigh in after last week.

Hope Monday was good to you!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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