Today has been a struggle all day. I was tired all day and work was just exhausting. I came home and folded a couple loads of laundry I had left from last night. Then UPS came and brought my couch cover and fire stick. So I put my cover on the couch and my fire stick on my TV. That was pretty much my evening.

Today I did not feel like cooking after the day I had. So Arby’s was my go to tonight. Now as weird as it sounds I do better at not snacking at night when I do eat fast food. I did only have two cheese sticks and one jr roast beef.  I don’t feel like I overdid it like I used to would.

Last night I did eat a single serve package of mini cookies and that was not good for my calorie total not making excuses but some of my cravings are due (sorry guys in advance) to PMS.

I have a little over 14,000 steps in and I do have in 61 active minutes. I wish I had more steps but I’m just tired and want to relax the rest of the evening. If I get a burst of energy I will definitely try to do better.

Sorry if today was a bore but that’s all I have.

Thanks for reading and God Bless! 

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