So my Friday started by taking my kids to school. Then I came home and started on the laundry. I tried to stay awake but I ended up taking a nap.

I then got up started more laundry and put a roast on for dinner. So my eating has been pretty good today. I think it’s one of my better days anyway. I had a lowfat granola bar for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch. It was only 190 calories a serving. Then roast for dinner. I had turnips instead of the potatoes. I did eat a bite of a potato but only a bite. Plenty of carrots and a serving of roast. I did eat a roll but no butter!

I’m 1000 steps away from meeting my goal. Now remember if you read yesterday I need extra steps to make up for Wednesday. I also have one hour left to do this. Im definitely going to try once finished writing this blog. 

I have 48 active minutes. 25 of them is from working out on my fitboard the rest is just from walking.

I’m going to town with my family tomorrow evening. I know we will be eating out somewhere. So I need to try and get most of my steps in before leaving.

So that’s how my day went today, hope yours was great!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless! 

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