So how is everyone’s Sunday? 

So today was a struggle when it came to getting my steps in. We had to be somewhere this evening So I had to try to get most my steps in before leaving at 4:30. I really wanted to take a nap but I knew if I went to sleep I wouldn’t get my steps.

So I got on my fitboard for about 20 mins then walked in place. I needed 2,500 more when I left. Remember whenever we go somewhere it’s always a long car ride because we live far from town. I got my last twenty steps walking through the door  just now.

My eating was an improvement but it wouldn’t take much considering how bad it was yesterday. I did have a doughnut for breakfast. Then I had roast and carrots for dinner. Instead of a roll I had a slice of 35 calorie bread. Then I had a piece of hot cheese for a snack ( hence my blog photo).  I love cheese! I noticed all my favorite foods are very fattening. I did only have a serving. 

I’m within my calories and got in my steps. I also have 49 active minutes. So all in all this day wasn’t too bad.

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless! 

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