Monday sure stuck to its bad rap today. It started off so so and went down hill from there. I guess it did get better after I got home but I’ve been very busy.

I have youth this Wednesday night and I have a lot of ducks to get in a row. I am glad I had my youngest to help. We made up some treat bags and then I had to hot glue string to make ornaments for the kids to decorate. 

So if you all have been reading my blog you know I’m part time. Come January 1rst it’s either full time or when needed. I’m definitely not doing full time. The right job and I could do full time. However, being a housekeeper at a nursing home part time is physically and emotionally exhausting. Full time would just send me over the edge. I tried doing that last year. You also have to work Sundays and I need to be at church on Sundays.

So I am just going to pray the Lord will lead me where I need to go. So if you all don’t mind say a prayer for me to find a job that’s right for me.

Now since I had to come home and do laundry and get some things ready for Wednesday night, I only have close to 15,000 steps. Not near what I want but I had work and chores to do. I am going to have a lean pocket for dinner and that will still leave me with calories if I need a snack.

So that’s how my Monday went! Hope yours was better.

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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